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Posted By Carlos Terranova

We start of our first post in the blog with a handy how to guide to steam cleaning. This can be used as an interim way of keeping your carpets free from bacteria and other harmful residue. By using this guide, you can help reduce the costs involved when having your carpets or rugs professionally cleaned. You can also help keep a healthy home by removing mould and bacteria build up by the way of effective steam cleaning solutions.


To start, steam cleaning should be done in a controlled environment away from pets and young children. Hot water is used and can cause injury so care must be taken at all times – if you are unsure, always contact a professional carpet cleaning company. You will need to fully vacuum the carpet after removing all objects and furniture so as to remove dirt. Next, you will need to fill your steam cleaner with water and wait for it to reach optimal temperature (follow manufactures instructions). Next add your cleaning solution and then start from the corner of the room furthest away from the entrance and work your way back. For very stubborn stains or marks, you may need to go over the effected area. If you are unsure of what your doing or don’t want to run the risk of causing damage to your carpets, call us! we’ll take of everything!

Posted By Carlos Terranova

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