Expert Stain Removal Johannesburg

We are fully aware of how annoying stubborn dirt, marks, spots, spills or stains can be in your carpets, rugs or upholstery and that’s why we offer professional Stain Removal in Johannesburg. When standard cleaning products just wont cut it, its time to call in the Pro’s! We use the best in industry leading, non-toxic chemicals combined with the latest in cleaning technology to safely remove stubborn stains in any fabric within your home or office!

stain removal johannesburg

Marks and spots, ingrained dirt or mug, food and liquid spills on your carpet, rug or upholstery can be unslighltly to look at and can spoil the appearance of your home. We are professionals in all that we do and using the latest in stain removal technoloogy, we are able to rid and eliminate stains with ease leaving your upholtsery or carpets looking like new again

Our expert stain removal in Johannesburg can rid any of the following and more!

 Red Wine Spills

 Chewing Gum

 Paint & Glue

 Mud and Dirt

 Food Spills

 Blood, Pet Urine and Bad Odours

Just give us a call today and see the dramatic results for yourself. Whilst your at it, why not make the most of our visit and have your carpets professionally cleaned at the same time!”

red wine, chewing gum, paint removal johannesburg